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I am Venezuelan and this is what is going on today in my country after some organized and pacific protests that took place in the principal cities of Venezuela since this morning.

There is already 3 confirmed dead students that were shot and several people are hurt. No one outside the country is getting this information because the media is threatened right now by the government and they just took down the only channel that was showing it in DirecTV , Ntn 24. You can find this channel online on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCYcA1AlWZ0

Please! I am begging you! Help me pass this through so people know and maybe we can get external help because my country is being killed. PLEASE


I’m also from venezuela and this needs to be known 

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Wonder Woman is so cool.

Omg what is this from

Ladies and gentlemen
Wonder woman from Justice League WAR

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this is it

this is the last thing you see before you fucking die

First of all, HOW DARE YOU.

HA!, Mami Tomoe head jokes, never gets old

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Sailormoon x Yugioh Cross Over - By yugi-eh 

Now this is just genius.

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The Legend Of Zelda Poster - A Link Between Worlds - By Gabriel Leoni

"No one understands the sacred duty of a princess has to their people more than I, but you can’t" - Zelda

"You understand nothing!, Your kingdom has been under the protection of the triforce" - Hilda

I loved A Link Between Worlds, it felt like I went back in time to my childhood and at the same time it felt new, so of course I had to make a poster to add to the Zelda Series. Nintendo really did a great job on this game.

The Legend Of Zelda is a franchise owned by Nintendo

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Nintendo Today’s News

I received many amazing news about upcoming games from Nintendo Franchise, and it made me forget everything that Ps4 and Xbox One are releasing next year.

First the announced trailer from Nintendo for the new Zelda GameWarriors Of Hyrule" (not confirmed tittle).

And for those fans of Super Smash Brothers, just recently Rosalina from the franchise Super Mario Galaxy, was confirmed as a playable character for the upcoming Smash Game. For the looks of the trailer she fights very similar to the Ice Climbers since also the lil star that follows her around is part of the character, just like ice cimbler twins, but her attacks are kinda more like Zelda’s and the start was a different set of moves all together.

The trailer for Warriors of Hyrule can be found here

Meanwhile the trailer for the new character here


Half-Life 3 is Real! (as it’s going to get)

There are times in life when you just have to stop talking about it, and start being about it. Artist Gabriel Leoni agreed and decided to step in where Valve has teased us for years and make something that everyone has been waiting for. 

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Bad Breaker!

In anticipation of the finale of Breaking Bad, the greatest television show ever created, here is a little piece of art to grace the walls of your laboratory! Available now @72Pins!

Art by Drew Wise

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" The Goddess Of Hyrule " - By Gabriel Leoni

Piece done for the Legend Of Zelda Fan Art Contest that started on Nintendo Facebook Page.

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In which I realize that The Last of Us would be an extremely terrible game if the enemy could detect friendly AI

Created by hejibits

And I agreed

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